Not that every child is gifted with intense talent, skill and intellectual mind to perform any sort of tasks. Some are clever and able to think outside the box, while some fall behind subjects. The latter’s parents often seek help and advice for their weak children to get them up to speed in educational context. Parents usually assume that increasing number of coaching classes strengthens student’s ability to think in a more creative way.  Therefore, they end up their kids with massive amount of tuition classes resulting in excessive workload of assignments for their children and spending a fortune for such classes. If you think you want what’s best for your child and want to cut tuition costs, then here’s what I advise you to do.

  •       If your child can’t finish assignment in time, then have tuition in a fortnight rather than on weekly basis.
In general, everybody feels frustrated with hectic schedule when they are given huge amount of work. Same goes for the children, too. Attending too many lectures, extra tuition classes along with a lot of assignment bring huge burden on students. Parents probably think this is the best way to enhance their skills that can lead them towards achieving higher grades. As a matter of fact, this method of learning is not helping students because too much of workload will discourage them. They cannot even concentrate in anything at all.  Tuition will be meaningless in this case..

  • Kids group study
The best way to reduce tuition costs would be to have all children in one place with their study materials. There will be even no need for any extra tuition classes. Kids enjoy learning and playing with each other. While the tutor is likely to charge you more per session, you can get away with paying less per kid or better yet, you might not even need to pay a single penny for every combine study since kids can also turn out to be great friends.

  •  Online Tuition
Internet has enabled us to do just about anything. These days, private tutors have started offering classes via online skype or google hangouts at reasonable price rate, since they don’t have to travel to  kid’s home for a tuition.

  •    Is tuition worth it?
You should check with your kids to see if tuition is helping them on daily basis so you can make up your mind as to how many sessions per week is required for your child. Based on this fact, you can keep only the classes that are necessary.

Every parent wants to provide their child with the best possible education to ensure they are well equipped with grades they need to pursue their future ambitions. But every child is different and performs differently. Some students can give best performance while some still have to struggle to get even pass marks. This is a major reason why parents opt for extra classes for their kids.

Tuition for weaker students is an absolute necessity. Singaporean examinations are becoming more complicated and tougher every year often getting students swapped if they’re not adequately prepared through appropriate tuition agency. As a result, parents resort to finding an instituition that provides the right tutor and learning environment for their children.

For the most part, students have a hard time solving mathematical problems, studying chemistry, physics, biology, social studies, and so forth. The classes for mathematics can be of utmost inevitable. Even some intellectual students might make stupid error despite high mental calibre and learning ability. Hence, it’s also advisable for them to take tuition classes to keep themselves from making any mistakes in the future. Sometimes students are unable to concentrate during lessons for various reasons, such as distractions, not feeling well or explanation gaps. Therefore, students miss key points taught during lessons. Under such circumstances, private tutors can re-explain the topics learnt, reiterate key points, abstract concept and help to solve problems that students face.

If you are looking for extra help for your child in specific subject or you want to ensure your child is revising lessons effectively, hiring appropriate house tutor could be an excellent choice. For more information regarding home tuition for subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and so on, you can go to

Singapore is one of most beautiful place on the planet. Apart from its booming economy, it is also having a high standard of education. Students are privileged to be given such high quality of education which is examined to be one of the best in the world. Therefore, students are expected to meet country educational standards. To help them achieve their goals, they seek the help of house tutors through Tuition Agency Singapore.

It is a great challenge to be a home tutor because a tutor is expected to keep a good relationship with his student, encourage the student to reach a particular goal and keep the sessions compelling to the tutee. At the same time create an environment and relationship that is fruitful for learning. The art of imparting one’s knowledge to a student is one thing that a tutor needs to have in him. Yes, there is a lot of money in tutorials but focusing on children well-being will earn it naturally and with true happiness rather than being money minded. Therefore to be a good tutor, one must have genuine love for teaching first.

If you desire to help students in Singapore with their homework and of course, need to earn extra cash, you can register as a tutor with
Tutor must be well educated about the subject he is going to teach. Apart from education is an attitude. A good tutor is expected to have the right attitude and nature in teaching. Tutors must be full of wisdom, enthusiastic to learn and must have the idea to do what needs to be done.

We appoint as many tutors as we can and send them to students who need assistance in learning. If you want to be a tutor and earn extra money, just register yourself with us and visit our website and fill out the tutor registration form. Name your subject skills and field of expertise and we will help you to reach a student who needs you.

In the end with time, the significance and tuition rates in Singapore is increasing and parents are doing important work of both payment as well as house tutor hunt. From surveys and experience, below are some factors that determine the tuition fees of a particular tutor:

1.    House tutor belongs to a tuition agency or is on its own
2.    What is Tutor’s Qualification
3.    What is the Time involved in course completion
4.    What is School grade of the student

1.    House tutor belongs to a tuition agency or is on its own:

Private tutors and company tutors like two aspects of identical coins. In specific international locations, the coaching periods differ plenty, but the purpose is identical, i.e., scholar’s progress. As an instance, in a few nations teachers of government institutes are constrained to 6 hours of training consultation in line with month, they can not check in as tutors for personal organisations and must act as personal tutors. A majority of these elements remember for the training costs, so expert instructors have an excessive call for within the market and get a very excessive pay. Alternatively, tutors from popular training agency in Singapore persist with the market quotes and are commonly inexpensive than the personal tutors and varies with the school grade.

2.    What is Tutor’s qualification

Tutor’s qualification is important; other than experience and demand in the market. There are various other modes of fixing their price. If the tutor is currently working in schools or colleges, their demand will grow.

3.    What is the Time involved in course completion:

Concerned examine hours emerge as a subjective count number at the same time as charging for the tuitions. The classes differ from one to two hours every week to five to six hours every week. So, before the consultation begins to speak on how the hours might be distributed and fee shape of expenses. Transparency is important in each business enterprise and also in private tuitions in Singapore.

4.    What is School grade of the student:

School grade of student matter most as this portrays about the child and of a parent, making tutor finding easy. While considering the requirement and subjects, the pricing gets highlighted.

This shows private House Tutor has more price tag than an agency tutor. They will also take care of Tuition Assignment.
Tuition agencyTuition Agency

In the present world, we have the busy schedule and it’s a hectic work to take care of children homework.  Nowadays’ children syllabus is difficult and It is advised to hire a tutor or send your child to tuition agency.  Now, the question arises which is the best option to consider. There are many merits of hiring a personal tutor.
So, in my Opinion, you should go for a home tutor. In Singapore now focus is given more on ideas rather than grades. Therefore, one to one conversation will lead to better ideas.

Here are important reasons to choose a tutor over tuition agency

1.    Home Tutor Will Provide Personal Attention to Your Child

This is the most important thing which parents want for their child. This confirms that home tuition has many advantages over sending your child to a tuition agency. The most important reason being that it allows your child access personal attention.

2.    Home Tutor will Visit at Your Place

It removes the hassle of travelling with both the student and the parent as it takes place at your place. There is no time wasted because the student will not be forced to travel to a different location.
This will allow your child to have more time to rest or he can also utilise some of his time in sports activities. This will keep him motivated and physically sharp.

3.    Positive Study Environment

Teaching has become a stressful form job and the passion is lost as the pressure of syllabus deadlines, planning as well as teaching many subjects seriously restrain a teachers’ enthusiasm for their work. How can students tend to get excited about what they are learning when subjects are being taught in a hurried manner. One of the benefits of personal tutor is that each tutor has a love for what they teach. Personal tutor lessons will open your mind to ideas in a way far superior to that of regular schooling.

It is every tutor’s responsibility to educate their younger students about money and its importance in life. Some adults may think talking to kids about money is inappropriate, but teaching them young about this, makes sure that they will grow up to be stable and independent monetarily and in their professional career as well. So, if you’re among the teachers who wants to pass down their wisdom on money, here are six crucial values every potential tutor must teach their early age students.

Taking the time before buying something is essential always been a good idea. Rushed decisions could lead to substantial debts, which could result in retiring with no sufficient funds to afford all of your needs and may lead towards a frustrated end of the life. So, discuss with the little ones how important it is to wait and save for something before they buy or plan to buy anything that they really want, be it a toy, book or trip to Amusement Park. Immediate gratification isn’t everything.


Children are very curious and adventurous. When encouraged and supported, they’ll grow up to be risk-takers. Make them free to follow their instincts in studies, discover new things with innovation of their level and explore new experiences on their own. All this will help your students to see opportunities that others can’t or are too afraid to pursue being stuck with academics and syllabus. This also helps them excel in their workplace or business.


Innovation doesn’t only apply to inventing or developing new technologies. It’s also important to experiment new things that will lead them to succeed in future career path or ventures. On the other hand, creativity allows them to devise new and radical strategies that will help them conquer challenges in the future. As part of their financial education, let your students test out ideas when it comes to play or school. Encourage them to execute out of the box ideas for their studies or game. Even if their ideas sound silly, allow them to discover the outcome on their own. This also makes them dynamic in their personality. This helps them to become innovators and creative in their strategies.



Kids should be taught to be prepared for setbacks and disappointments. Life is full of challenges and downfalls. By preparing them on early age on how to face challenges head on, they’ll be more confident and more resilient not only when it comes to their personal problems, but also professionally and financially. If they have negative feelings, don’t dismiss or discount them. Help them figure out the cause, and guide them in resolving their problems. This is how you can boost their managerial skills at the early age.


A good teacher will always teach the value of hard work to the students at a very early age of life. This will allow them to discover that if they complete the required tasks within a time frame or not. It should be also very clear to them that if they work hard, they will get the real rewards in their life. This instills a strong work ethic and sense of urgency when approaching deadlines or project managing. Always remember that “The earlier you prepare your students for competitive environments, the faster they grow through excellence!” Do not misunderstand this with making the child more stressful, it’s only about creating a seriousness of timeline.
If you want your student to grow up to be great leaders, you must instill in them the value of empathy. The ability to relate and offer support is an essential leadership trait. Being empathetic means you’ll be able to genuinely connect with others not only in the business world, but also for lifelong relationships. A teacher must make them learn that – “It’s never been all about being greedy in life, what matters is how well you’re with your family and society with a stable financial condition!”
It’s never too early to start your financial education for the young ones. By explaining money matters to children at a young age, you’ll set them up for both business and personal success.
What entrepreneurial values do you think are important to teach students? How do you talk about money with your kids? Tell us in the comments below! You can also contact us on:

The education is the essential part of life. The vital development of your child is completely depended upon the quality of education that he or she have during schooling days. After parents, child grasps everything from the teacher. A teacher helps the child to express and understands on his/her interests and various skills which can be a “God-Gifted”. 

For every parent, it’s very important to understand that "Each child is different and has some natural skills".

Thus, not everyone is brighter in all subjects. It’s commonly observed from the schooling that some kids are naturally attracted towards Science, Math or Computers while some kids are naturally in love with Sports, Paintings or Music.

In the recent era it is highly important to provide your child with a personalized education and provoke him to identify his skills and interests at the early age to help him/her build a fine career in the field of his/her interest. It is unfortunate that education is becoming like corporate companies, where it’s very hard to find personalized education. Schools now a days are more focused in completing targets and timelines instead focusing on the child individually.

Thus, Home Tuition can be the best option to provide your child an education with personal consultation to help effectively to improve his/her skills along with making the weak sides strong.

Here are some advantages to have Home Tutor for your Kids:

     1.      Personal Attention:

A Home Tutor can observe the studies of your child very closes and provide a personal attention on it. The Tutor can help your kids to excel in a better way in the subjects and can suggest strongly helpful tips and tricks to assist them based on the skills of the kids.

      2.      Skill Identification at an early age:

                  Home tuition can help you to identify the natural skillset of your child in the early age of him/her. One thing every parent should understand that “Every Child is Different!!” You cannot push each one to become scientist or doctor or engineer. You need to identify the “God Gifted Skills” in your child and need to provide them education accordingly.

                 No doubt that the regular subjects are mandatory to study like Basic Science, Math, History, Geography…etc; but early exposure and extra guidance in your child’s favorite subject can help him/her highly in building a great career.

      3.      Personalized Teaching Methods:

                 It has been observed that teachers in schools have same methods to educate all in a single class. Due to fixed time and a higher number of students; sometimes they are not able to provide guidance on questions and queries of individual students and many times the teachers are so much loaded with work that they ignore to do so. In this case, Home Tutor can be a great solution for your kids to get the personalized guidance and education for their questions and queries. This creates an additional support for your child while learning new and higher concepts of various subjects and resolves their questions immediately with better clarity.

     4.      Examination view point:

               It’s a human behavior that learning twice make a strong memory in mind. Considering this, if your child is learning something in class and additionally learns it from a Home Tutor develops a strong memory and impression of the scientific or mathematical concepts from the early age. This is always been an effective in scoring great rankings in the weekly/monthly or yearly exams including practical tests.

We must not ignore the last minute help in exam preparation by the Home Tutors in this!

      5.      All round development:

             While handling curriculum and syllabus, we also believe that a Home Tutor can assist the students to develop their personality and general knowledge. Tutors can assist your child to be more aware on current things on-going in the society, they can also help them understand some basic systems such as banking, economics, internet…etc. Thus, overall development of your child can be easier and seamless.

            We hope this vital information has helped you to plan the education of your child effectively. In case you feel to hire an expert Home Tutor for your child, you can give it a try on:
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