Monday, June 26, 2017

Super- foods for Students

Food is life. We need food to survive. Food gives us energy to do our daily works. A well balanced diet is essential for full functioning of human body. Student should focus more on protein, calcium and iron. Protein helps muscles and cells to grow. Calcium and phosphorous help to build stronger bones and teeth. Similarly, iron helps in the development of brain. The most common problem in today’s student is that they do not eat enough. Here, we are going to discuss about the top 5 super foods every student should include in their diet.

1. Banana:
Banana is among that food, that provides maximum nutrients that hardly any other  single food can provide. It is rich in potassium, fiber, magnesium, vitamin c, carbohydrate, vitamins etc. It is one of the best energy giving food.

2. Eggs:
Eggs are considered as memory boosting food. One single egg contains 13 various vitamins and minerals and 7 gram of pure protein. Eggs are also referred as body building food. It builds muscles and strengthen bones and joints. Similarly, it boosts memory. Eating 2 boiled eggs as breakfast is considered as the best breakfast idea.

3. Almonds:
Almonds are rich in protein, vitamin-e, vitamin B-12, magnesium, iron, fiber, phosphorous, copper etc. Tutors recommend eating a handful of almonds daily. It supports healthy brain and heart function. Similarly, it helps in the physical and mental growth and development of the body

4. Berries :
Berries are good for nervous system and brain. It includes strawberry, blackberry, blueberry and cherry. The more darker is it’s color, the more nutrients it carries. Berries are packed with vitamin-c, antioxidants and fiber.

5. Fish (Salmon):

Salmon is one of the best source of omega 3 fatty acid, protein and useful fat. Tutors from House Tutor, Singapore a home tuition agency recommends eating more fish than meat. It helps students in improving memory power and proper brain development.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Best Qualities of a Good Student

Just attending school everyday and getting good marks in exam is not only considered as quality of a good student.There are other qualities too that can be considered as qualities of a good student.Here we are going to discuss about few qualities of a good student.

Thirsty to know new things : A good student should always be thirsty to know new things. They like to collect as much knowledge as possible on various topics. Tutor should help them in giving knowledge as wide as possible.

Discipline : It includes time management, behavior management, politeness and much more. The student need to be regular in their class. They need to listen to their tutors and do their home assignments. They need to respect their teachers and seniors and love their juniors

Responsible : Good student take all responsibility from his/her side. They do the assignment. Research about the lesson before they go to class. Listen to their tutors. Not only this they  fulfill their responsibility at their home too.

Social and Hard Working : They are hardworking and social. They fulfill social responsibility and are good to everyone. They believe hard work always pay off.

Take part in Extra-curricular Activities : They love taking part in sports, games, meetings and other extra-curricular activities in class, school, tuition center etc

Obey Rules : They actively follow all the rules. They believe rules will make them a better person.

Honest : Honesty is a very expensive gift that only exist in very few people. A good students is characterized by his honesty.

Understanding The Lesson: A good student always try to understand the lesson rather than memorize it.

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Science of Preparing For Exams

One of the most stressful situation for students is exam time. Students are in lot of stress during exam days. Most students neglect their study and try to study during last stage of exam and gets fully stressed and nervous. Hence, they fail or get poor grades. Here, we are going to discuss some scientifically proven ways on how to prepare for exams.

Start Early: The common mistake most student make is that they think they have got lots of time to prepare for their exam. They start studying at last hour. Doing this, they get nervous, stressed and can not fully concentrate in their study. Hence, they fail. Scientist recommends studying from early days. It is better to start preparing for exams a month prior to starting the exam.

Take Proper Rest: Another mistake most students make is that studying late night and not getting proper sleep. Experts recommends to sleep between 6 to 8 hours before appearing in exam. Sleep helps to keep all the information in correct order. Moreover, proper sleep helps brain to think and remember most of the information that we have read a day before exam. According to a research, we have 60% retention rate when we read just one day before appearing in exam.

Eat well and Exercise: The first thing you can do yourself a favor is to eat healthy. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Include blueberries, salmon, almonds, nuts, eggs, whole grains, broccoli, dark chocolate etc in your diet as it helps to boost brain memory and helps brain to function well. Similarly, doing physical exercise like running, walking, skipping, swimming, cycling etc are also important as it helps to keep stress away and increase memory power. 

Make Good Notes: Making notes will be very helpful to prepare for exams. While reading a lesson, student should point out the  main points in a note. Similarly, making flash cards and sticky notes and highlighting the main points of information in the book with help a lot for preparing for your exam.

Get Help From a Tutor: This is a very easy and effective way to prepare for exams. Tutors are professional, skilled and experienced in dealing with the students. A recent survey shows that student who hired a private tutor did well in exams than those who did self studies. You must be careful in hiring tutors. Always hire a skilled and experienced tutors because they use psychology to teach according to the perception of the student. You can hire tutors from tuition agency. One of the most popular tuition agency in Singapore is House Tutor.

Revise Everything Before Exam: We keep learning new things and keep forgetting old. That is why revising everything that we have studied from time to time is very necessary. Remember to revise everything a day before appearing in exam.

Stay Away From Stress: Exam time is pressure time. Students are at stress during it. If there is a question you can not answer, don't panic. Keep calm. Take a deep breathe and go with the questions you can answer first. At last answer the question you don't know. Try to answer as much as you can. Don’t worry at all, all the hard labor you have done will pay you with  good result.

Friday, June 2, 2017

How to stop bullying at school?

First of all, we should be familiar about the term bully. So, what does the term bully refer to? According to Cambridge dictionary,  someone who hurts or frightens someone who is smaller or less powerful, often forcing them to do something that they do not want to do is bully. Bullying is one of the most common problem in our society. It can take place anywhere like in the school, tuition center, college, offices and other public places. Teasing, spreading rumors, making fun and insulting someone for being different, beating, punching, hair pulling, threatening someone, pushing etc. are some common forms of bullying at school. Bullying can be dangerous. We have many cases of students getting mental dis balance and suicide cases due to bullying at school. Teachers and parents should be very careful to check bullying at school.

We should stop bullying as early as possible because it can lead to some serious consequences. Here we are going to discuss on ways to stop bullying at school.

1. Make strict rules and regulations and implement them:
School should make strict rules against bullying. If anyone is found bullying others, then he/she should be punished or corrected by teachers. This should be always kept in mind that the person who bully others can have some problem in their life. Some student get bullied by their seniors and they start to bully their juniors. Similarly, family problem, not getting enough love and care from family can also make them a bully. So, teachers and parents should take special care to stop this type of bully.

2. Seek help from parents and teachers:
If you are getting bullied by someone in your school or outside, then you should tell your parents or tutors about it. They are the one that can help you.

3. Raise your voice against bullying:
If someone is bullying you, try to raise your voice against it. Most bullies get more stronger when you do nothing against them. Similarly, if you see someone bullying try to stop it. But you have to be very careful while doing so. Sometimes, the bully can harm the one who is trying to stop them.

4. Run an anti bullying campaign:
This will help to control bullying to some extend.

5. Raise awareness:
Raising awareness will also help to control bullying at school and public places. People will take steps to stop bullying whenever they see it.This is the most effective way to control and prevent bullying.
Similarly, there are many ways to control bullying. Bullying can be dangerous. We should be careful to check if our students or children have been victim of bully.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How to utilize your June vacation

Holidays are happy days for students as they are free from school activities. Children use their holidays in different ways. Some go to visit different places with their parents, some go to visit their relatives, whereas other may use their holiday playing video games and going for a movie. If you don’t know the best way to utilize your vacation, then you may simply waste your holidays learning nothing new. Here, we are going to share some smart ways to utilize your school holidays.
1. Explore the nature: Students should explore the nature. Spending time with nature is most important for physical, mental and social growth of a person. They should visit nearby parks, breathe in fresh air, play there, exercise there and explore new things. Who knows what nature may gift you.
2. Go for swimming: Learning to swim can be very best use of vacation during summer. Swimming is supposed to be the best exercise as it involves movement of whole body parts. Small children should go for swim with their parents.
3. Visit the library: You should visit your nearby library during holidays. This helps in updating and increasing your knowledge. Most library conducts various program try to involve in those activities as much as possible.
4. Search for a part time job: Students can utilize their long term vacation doing part time job. This helps to earn some money and also increase experience and skills. They can also work as part time tutors. They can also search for tutor’s job at House Tutor.
5. Go for a movie: Students can use their leisure time watching science fiction movies and other  movies. Similarly, they can also watch documentary programmers in TV that can broaden their mind.
6. Learn something new: Student should always try to learn something new. There is a saying the more you learn, the more you grow. Holidays are good time to learn cooking, helping mother and parents in their works, learning new games etc.
7. Go for traveling: There is a saying traveling broadens mind. So, the more you travel the smarter you get. You can go to visit your friends or relatives. Go for volunteer work etc.
8. Challenge yourself: You should challenge yourself. Do things that fear you the most but you must be careful not to hurt yourself in doing so. You can go for a hike with friends. You can join a gym to train yourself. You can clean your surroundings. You can develop healthy habits in yourself. Avoid junk food.
9. Be more social: Try to be more social .Respect elders and love youngsters. Try to start your own community garden. Water your plants. Plant many trees.

10. Learn different computer courses: During free time you should join computer courses. Do research using internet. You can learn painting, graphic designing, fast typing and so on. Computer skill is a must in this modern age. Playing computer games have also proven to increase brain power, however, do not waste whole time playing game, which will have negative effects on health.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Difference between tuition centre and private tuition:

In general, tuition centre refers to an institution where students go tuition centre for tuition and make their study in a group of students whereas private tuition means tutor visiting to the student’s home and providing tuition to student at home. These days, private tuition at home is getting much more popular and its scope is also getting wider. In private tuition, flexible time is set up for both tutor and students whereas in tuition centre flexible time is not always possible.

In tuition centre, the number of student is always maximum where the tutor may not give full attention to all the students whereas in private tuition the number of student can be just one or two where the tutor can give maximum attention to a student. There are advantages as well as disadvantages on tuition centre and private tuition. The good thing about tuition centre is: their tuition free is generally low than private home tuition because tuition centre has many student for one session. However, student need to travel to the tuition centre. So, they are wasting time on traveling to tuition centre.

According to a recent survey, it was shown that students who received private tuitions did better in their studies than to those who did tuition in tuition centre. Home tuition is also better and not expensive too as the tutor is looking just part time tutoring jobs out of office hours. They can also negotiate with parents and can do in affordable and reliable rate as tutor also don’t need their own space for classroom as they are traveling to student home. As tutor is on student’s home, parents are also together with them. So, tutor always try to give his best to teach student. Parents and tutors can discuss the problem with the student and can solve the problems as well. So, there will be mutual understanding among, parents, student and tutor. As a result, the teaching will be more productive and effective.

Nowadays, there are many home tuition agency that provides teachers for the parents in their home. So, the parents do not need to worry about looking for best tutor for their kids. They can choose the tutors they like from the home tuition agency. House Tutor is one of the best Singapore home tuition agency in Singapore.  

Super- foods for Students

Food is life. We need food to survive. Food gives us energy to do our daily works. A well balanced diet is essential for full functioning ...