Monday, March 19, 2018

How to improve your handwriting?

According to Tutor Singapore & Tutor Agencies, good handwriting not only gives a good feeling, it also reflects the person's characteristics and behaviour. Scientists have claimed that bad handwriting may be the sign of intelligence but it is not the case with the tutor and teacher. Nice and eligible handwriting are prefered. The Graphologists has also made claims about the correlation between handwriting and personality. The importance of handwriting has not diminished with the development of technologies says, House Tutor Singapore. Handwriting is essential for children because it activates the brain with cognitive skills and motor control. It also contributes to the visual perception of letters and gives the positive impact on grades. You need not have to take special classes or tuition for this. Just follow some tips. So let's learn how to improve the handwriting.

1.       Analyze the Handwriting
If you feel you need to change the handwriting, you know for sure your handwriting is not good. So analyze your handwriting for improvement. Analyze things such as letter shapes, letter spacing, word spacing, alignment, letter size, the slant of words, the pressure of the pen and height  of the alphabets.

2.       Try copying other handwriting

The best way to improve your handwriting is by getting some inspirational handwriting and copying to look similar. You need not have to copy all the writing style, rather copy only those alphabets you like the most. 

3.       Write in air
This may seem crazy, but it works. Try writing full sentences in the air with your finger. Use your entire arm up to the shoulder. This will force your muscles to coordinate in group.

4.       Try different materials and style
It is best to find the best material for your use. Try using different types of pen with different tip size, to find the best combination for your handwriting. Do not change the item often. Also do not change your writing style often. Try mastering one set of style and jump to another, if you must. Try different holding style to your pen, that may also give you strength and weakness of the certain holding style.

1.       Practice and Practice
Knowing how to improve your handwriting will not improve your handwriting. So, you must practice writing. Always write things, this will not only improve your handwriting but will also improve your overall academic standard. House Tutor says to try writing the phrase  "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog" or "Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs". Also focus on alphabets you feel difficult to write.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Time and Tide Wait for None

Time waits for none. Once time pases by it can not be brought back by any means. The flow of time can not be stopped. Time is the most essential part for living beings as they are allotted with only certain amount of time in our life and it runs continuously without stoppage. No matter what we do there are only 24 hours in a day. Everyone should understand and respect the value of time because what you achieve mainly depends upon time as it helps us to make the habit of structuring and organizing our daily activities. Our whole life is dependent upon time. “Time and tide wait for none” is the famous proverb that we can relate as tide waits for none and continues flowing in the same way time also does not wait for anyone. Everything in world depends on time as nothing can happen before it.

Time is a strange but wonderful thing which has no start and end; it goes by with or without you. It does not have any boundaries and limitations due to which it passes by at its own speed; no one can possess control over it at any duration of life. If you do not value the importance of time then you are left where you are as our life revolves according to time states tutor Singapore & tutoringagencies in Singapore. We should understand the value of time and respect time because once time is gone it is never going to come back again. Time can destroy as well as strengthen a person; it all depends on how the person values and respects time. Wasting of time is the considered to be the worst thing as by wasting time you are wasting yourself and your future. Time is uncertain; one can be rich in a moment and can also be poor in other moment; only a fraction of time is enough to create a impact between life and death this show that everything in world is depends on time.

Every moment in life is provided by lots of opportunities. We just need to grab that opportunity and work hard to get better results. According to tutor Singapore & tutoring agencies in Singapore; we should learn to utilize every moment in our life because life is short and we have so much to do in our life. As we cannot predict the future; we should be willing to work hard in the present so that we can increase the probability of a better future which can be achieved by using time properly. We should be willing to do as much as possible during our lifetime. The most successful people of the history has made it possible because they all made the best use out of their time. We should try our best to utilize our time by not wasting it and trying to make the most out of it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

10 Ways to Help You Wake Up Early - Ultimate Guide of Success

7 Ways to Help You Wake Up Early - Ultimate Guide

wake up call

If you are someone who is trying to break the habit of waking up at 9:00 AM, you are in right place. We will give you the right tips to alter your waking up habit. Before that let me start with some perks of getting up early. So that you get some inspiration for getting up early. If you wake up early, you surely have enough time for morning exercise and breakfast. Have fun growing yourself muscle and abs. You don't need to skip your breakfast for your meeting anymore. If you wish you can even have time to make breakfast for yourself.

Here are 7 ultimate guide from the ultimate tuition tutor who has helped many kids with this strategies:

  • Get some help

If you have made your mind to get up early, to make effort and to get success, firstly get someone to help you to wake you up early. This way it is easy and you need not have to worry much. So, call out your parents or friends, for help. Tell them to wake you up early in the morning. 

    Don't Snooze
  • Don't Snooze

Never, ever snooze the alarm. If you snooze, you have already lost the war.  House Tutor Expert says,
snoozing the alarm means your sub-conscious mind has already made a decision to betray you. Until and unless you don't snooze and wake up no matter for how much time, you are on the right track. 

  • Early bedtime

The most obvious way to get up early is to get to bed early. Though early bedtime may be unsuccessful at the beginning it is the best way out.  If you stay late and wake up early, the rest quota for your body may not be sufficient, and you may pass out in a meeting, or on your lecture. So, it is best to get proper rest and balance the rest quota keeping in mind your aim of getting up early.

  • Treat yourself right

If you want to wake up early, you have to take special care of yourself such as intake of caffeine, alcohol, and anything that may keep you wake up late. Avoid your mobile and laptop before sleep at least before half or an hour, which not only avoid from disrupting your sleeping pattern but also keep your eye healthy and safe. Also, treat yourself once you wake up early with things you love, which may be a hot chocolate milkshake or your favourite biscuit, the choice is yours. 

  • Set Motive

Do you want to wake up early? Good! But create great or something important motives to make you wake up early. Thinking the positive of a small task you do every day may help you though. Action without motive means nothing. Tell yourself why you need to wake up early and convince it. 

  • Manipulate the Environment 

Human is evolved to wake up early with the sun and go to bed with it. So, if in any case, you fail to do so. Take help from the sun. You can keep your head such that the sunlight passes in through the window to your face. Or you can use automatic your light to glow at just 5:00 AM in the morning. You can also place the alarm away from your bed. 

  • Plan your day out

Schedule your morning with an important task, this will alert you
and help you wake up. But beware, don't miss your schedule. If you do, you are done. Go ahead plan your day out.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Advantages of homeschooling

Homeschooling has many benefits, you can spend more time with your children, learning and discovering about the world with them, you can hire a home tutor for your children. Here are some of the advantages of homeschooling by the home tutor are as follow:

Get tuition at your convenience:
The great advantage of home tuition is the convenience for the student. Education comes at your door, there’s no need to spend extra time going out and searching for coaching centers. Students can learn at their own comforts.

Better learning environment:
There is a better learning environment in homeschooling. A tutor can understands a child easily and able to interact with them properly. Due to friendly environment children also can ask their doubts easily as there are no other students like schools. In home, tutors can easily understands the child potential and teaches the way child understand easily.

Detailed productive feedback:
In homeschooling there are your children and tutor only, the environment is also good for learning and your children can focus on study properly. Tutor can understand your child weakness in detail way. Tutor can give a feedback in a beneficial way so that the child can improve themselves in short period of time.

Improvement in student’s performance:
Due to better learning environment and detailed productive feedback a children can easily improve in their performance. Due to more focus on study, because there will be no other student to distract. A child can learn the way he understands and can improve their performance.

Easy timetable:
You can sleep late, make your own timetable. There’s no need to get hurry and keep your mind busy as compare to going school. Before going to school we have to wake up early maintain books schedule and not forget lunch and much more. So there is no need to hurry if you are getting home tuition.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Best exercise for school students

Everyone know that exercise is very important for proper physical, mental and social development of an individual. Students should do regular physical exercise as they are in the growing stage and exercise helps to build and shape a perfect height, weight and full development of the body. Students should do physical exercise at least 3-4 times in a week. Here, we are going to talk about the best 5 exercise for teenage students byHouse Tutor - tuition Singapore.

Push Ups:

Our Health Tutor mentioned push up as the number 1 exercise for everyone. Push-ups are the number 1 body weight exercise where you lift your own body weight using your arms. This exercise primarily builds a stronger chest and also builds triceps, back, shoulder etc. We can say it builds all the muscles of our body.


Swimming is considered as the best fat cutter exercise. Swimming burns lot of calories. Our Science Tutor says that we can burn around 500 calories in an hour of normal swim. Swimming helps us to lose unnecessary weight and help us build fit and stronger muscles.


Children love cycling because they feel independent and freedom in exploring the city. Cycling involves fast movement of the leg muscles which increases the heart rate and this helps to increase stamina of the children. A recent study tells that kids who do cycling are found more energetic and outstanding than those who do other exercise like swimming and running. It helps to boost testosterone hormone to maximum.


Dancing is considered as one of the kid’s favorite exercise. According to Pro Dance Center, regular dance practice can increase your child's flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. So if you are thinking of hiring a dance tutor, you can hire them from House Tutor, Singapore.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Tips for night time studying

Studying time depends upon many people as per their behavior, some people study during day time while some of them are staying up late night, most of the people usually don’t study at night time, but some people may find night time quiet and peaceful, so here are some of the tips for studying at night by House Tutor- home tuition:

Establish a routine:

If you are willing to study at night, don’t just sit and study all night, establish a study routine. By this your body will get used to it and can get best study performance. If you study in both day and night, your eye and mind both gets stuck between something, so pick one time to study and stick by tutor Singapore.


Studying at night does not mean that you should sleep less. For making a study successful make sure you get enough sleep earlier, make sure your night time study make no harm during day classes.


This is one of the main factor that can affect people who study at night time. When you start studying in evening and you don’t know that its night and you can have difficulties in studying dark. Make sure this does not happens to you. Make a proper lighting system in night for studying.

Time management:

Time management is necessary to create a study timetable to perform different task and breaks. It is important that you take a break and do some other stuff for short period of time. It’s recommended that you take 5 to 10 minutes when studying and also make sure you keep hydrated.


One of the best ways to take break is listening to music as it increases your creativity levels and produces a new angle and motivation for good ideas in your mind.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Things we do every day that can harm us badly

Every day we get engaged in some kind of work that makes us busy, but in those little things we do can harm us in coming time. This blog contains some of the daily mistakes that we unknowingly do that can affect in our health. So according to the tuition agency, list of some mistakes we do regularly are as follow:

Water bottles and travel mugs:
Almost most of the bottles we use in our daily basis are made up of poly carbonate plastics, which contain a harmful industrial chemical called bis phenol-A (BPA) according to Chemistry tutor, which can affect the process of our body like cell repair growth, energy levels and reproduction too. So the level of bis phenol-A depends on the water’s temperature, the hotter water gets the more of that chemical gets into your body. So to consume hot liquids you must use mugs which are made of glass or clay.

Fast food packaging:
Almost all of our favorite fast foods are wrapped or packaged in containers that have chemical coating. These packing can affect small child, which can cause different harmful diseases in future as well. So while travelling to long tours, picnics you must take your food into your tiff-in box rather to coat with some papers.

Eating lunch at your desk:
Where we do our work looks clean but contain more germs than outside, we work on computer these days and the mouse, and keyboard contains May bacteria than toilet seats. For our comfort we eat at our working table but regular eating in that table leaves some of the food we eat and spread bacteria. So we should eat in canteen which is cleaned every day.

Crossing your leg while work:
While doing work, we sit on chair and cross our leg for our comfortableness. But due to bending your legs can pump up your blood pressure at the knee ah which can increase the risk of heart attack. For improving that get a chair that supports your back or use a special footstool to keep your legs bent an angle of slightly more than 900.

How to improve your handwriting?

According to Tutor Singapore & Tutor Agencies , good handwriting not only gives a good feeling, it also reflects the person&#...