Thursday, June 22, 2017

Best Qualities of a Good Student

Just attending school everyday and getting good marks in exam is not only considered as quality of a good student.There are other qualities too that can be considered as qualities of a good student.Here we are going to discuss about few qualities of a good student.

Thirsty to know new things : A good student should always be thirsty to know new things. They like to collect as much knowledge as possible on various topics. Tutor should help them in giving knowledge as wide as possible.

Discipline : It includes time management, behavior management, politeness and much more. The student need to be regular in their class. They need to listen to their tutors and do their home assignments. They need to respect their teachers and seniors and love their juniors

Responsible : Good student take all responsibility from his/her side. They do the assignment. Research about the lesson before they go to class. Listen to their tutors. Not only this they  fulfill their responsibility at their home too.

Social and Hard Working : They are hardworking and social. They fulfill social responsibility and are good to everyone. They believe hard work always pay off.

Take part in Extra-curricular Activities : They love taking part in sports, games, meetings and other extra-curricular activities in class, school, tuition center etc

Obey Rules : They actively follow all the rules. They believe rules will make them a better person.

Honest : Honesty is a very expensive gift that only exist in very few people. A good students is characterized by his honesty.

Understanding The Lesson: A good student always try to understand the lesson rather than memorize it.

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